Review of Access Areas for Dogs Policy

Council is undertaking a comprehensive review of Council’s Access Areas for Dogs Policy and Guidelines.

Dog sitting with lead at beach next to owner
  • Project Status
  • Estimated completion date25 December 2020
  • Last updated 27 October 2022

About the project

These documents provide important information on the location, and community use requirements, of the off-leash dog areas and dog owner responsibilities across the Shoalhaven local government area.

Council asked community members to join a Community Working Group to play a vital role in representing the community in the review of the Policy and Guidelines. The Community Working Group works closely with Council staff to provide meaningful, representative input and feedback on the operation, suitability, and safety of existing dog areas and signage, the potential for new dog areas, the adequacy of the current documents, and more.

For more information, please visit the Review of Access Areas for Dogs Policy Get Involved web page.