Myola Boat Ramp Improvements

Shoalhaven City Council is considering a repair/upgrade of the boat ramp at Catherine Street in Myola.


About the project

The design and construction for this project has been partially funded through the NSW Boating Now Round 3 Program and Shoalhaven City Council's contribution.

The NSW Boating Now Program provides grant funding to improve maritime infrastructure and facilities across NSW. This investment supports the needs of recreational and commercial boaters and enables broader economic and social benefits for communities. The Program is funded from boating licence, registration and other fees collected by Transport for NSW (TfNSW). Since its inception in 2014, the Program has already delivered over 200 boating projects to the benefit of boaters across the State.

The proposed upgrade provides a new boat ramp with two lanes and central accessible walkway pontoon. Two lanes will double the capacity allowing two boats to be launched or retrieved at one time. Inclusion of a pontoon will greatly improve accessibility. The proposed design will also address issues associated with the existing boat ramp, such as the deepening hole at the ramp’s toe. Environmental due diligence through the enaction of impact assessments and specialist studies, and licenses and permits needing to be obtained from State Government Agencies, will be explored, and addressed as the project continues to be developed.

For more information, visit the Myola Boat Ramp Improvements Get Involved web page.