Moss Vale Road Urban Release Area - Water & Wastewater Infrastructure

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The Moss Vale Road Urban Release Area (URA) is a regionally significant residential development located between Bomaderry and Cambewarra village. The current projected development yield is 3,400 residential lots. In order to supply adequate future servicing to the URA, Shoalhaven Water is currently progressing Water and Wastewater infrastructure.

Overall Project Highlights:

  • Project approval – 2020
  • Award of design consultants – 2020
  • Completion of Moss Vale Road Stage 1 – Water Lead-in Detailed Design – May 2021
  • Exhibition of Part 2 - Wastewater REF (Amendment) – May 2021
  • Award Stage 1 – Water Lead-in construction tender – June 2021

Watermain construction works are progressing with a horizontal directional drilling Sub-Contractor completing works from East of Good Dog Creek to Hockeys Lane. 

The horizontal directional drilling Sub-Contractor has encountered some complications with the watermain installation adjacent Good Dog Creek.

Due to this complication, the Contractor’s works program will be amended to reflect the changes. This includes the installation of traffic management such as a closure of Hockeys Lane and a detour via Rouse Ave. Please refer to attached traffic control/management plans for the works.

Key timeframes for traffic control/management as follows:

Works adjacent the corner of Main Rd and Hockeys Lane, Cambewarra:

  • Road closure of Hockeys Ln/Main Intersection – Implement 20th August and leave in place for approximately 1-2weeks.
  • Interconnection works at Hockeys Lane – Pushed back to 31st August pending Shoalhaven Water Operations confirmation.

 Works West of the Cambewarra township on Main Rd, Cambewarra:

  • Traffic Lights to be installed 23rd August for approximately 1 week.
  • Isolate existing DN150 PVC main 20th August approx. 1 week (Confirmed on-site with Shoalhaven Water Operations).
  • Installation of new DN180 main alignment over existing DN150PVC watermain (Confirmed on-site with Shoalhaven Water Operations).
  • Cut in Stop Valve into existing DN150 main 23rd August (Confirmed on-site with Shoalhaven Water Operations).

Shoalhaven Water Management have accepted a request for the horizontal directional drilling Contractor to complete working duties on weekends, subject to the following: 

  1. Works on Sunday cannot commence until after 9am.
  2. No high-level noise activities permitted as defined in the Contract.
  3. All stakeholder communications to be captured/recorded and shared with the Principal.
  4. No works on Private Property during the extended hours without landowner prior written consent.
  5. No works permitted within village itself.
  6. This arrangement is to be reviewed after the first week of implementation and the Principal in their sole discretion may elect to terminate or continue the extended hours.

If you have any questions about the above works, please contact Calvin Ferrier via email on or phone on 0418 424 422.

For more information, including the detailed stages, visit the Planning for Growth in Nowra - Bomaderry Get Involved web page.


Moss Vale Road South, Cambewarra 2540

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