Jerberra & Nebraska Estates - Proposed Residual C2 Policy

Shoalhaven City Council sought feedback from landowners on a proposed policy that would allow Council to purchase ‘residual’ land zoned C2 Environmental Conservation (C2 land) in Jerberra Estate and Nebraska Estate (if the Nebraska Estate Planning Proposal is finalised).


About the project

At the Development and Environment Committee Meeting on 5 October 2021 Council considered a report (DE21.113) and resolved to adopt the policy without changes (MIN21.699). The adopted Policy can be accessed here.

The owners of residual C2 Environmental Conservation land in the Jerberra Estate can now potentially sell their land to Council (if they wish) subject to an independent land valuation, prepared in accordance with the adopted policy.

This process can be initiated (without any obligation) by:

  1. Firstly, confirming your property is eligible. Contact Council’s Strategic Planning Section on (02) 4429 3426. To help us assist you, please quote Council reference 2653E/2; and
  2. Secondly, providing a written expression of interest in selling your property to Council via:

Please quote Council reference 3599E and mark your correspondence for the Attention: Technical Services, Property Unit.

The Property Unit will then engage a registered Land Valuer in consultation with the landowner to prepare an independent land valuation.

All affected landowners have been notified in writing.

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