Interpretive Signage and Flood Markers - Nowra Sailing Club Site


Interpretive signage and flood markers are being developed for the Nowra Sailing Club site. Shoalhaven City Council has engaged Site Specific to prepare the package of interpretive signage and flood markers. 

Site Specific are working with Nowra Historical Museum and Jerringa in putting together images and crafting the information. The interpretive information will be laid out on a set of four horizontal panels approximately 1200mm x 250mm, which will be placed on the white timber fence rail. These will be easily read from the timber decking of the Nowra Sails structure. 

The flood markers will be wrapped around a central shade sail pole and will be legible to those standing on the timber decking. The markers are placed at approximately the height that the flood occurred. The height is as close to real flood level and based on recorded data, however some variation in records has occurred in previous decades. The markers are approximately 3mm x 50mm in aluminium.


Wharf Road, Nowra 2540  View Map

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