Community-led Resilience Planning

Shoalhaven City Council is inviting community members to join a working group facilitated by experts from Griffith University to develop a Community-led Resilience Plan for the Shoalhaven.

Regrowth on tree after bush fire
  • Project Status
  • Last updated 03 November 2022

About the project

Community-led Planning enables locals to create stronger, more vibrant and resilient communities, better able to respond to local challenges and opportunities.

By joining the working group, members will have a unique opportunity to influence decision making by participating in the planning process. The planning process will see community involved in identifying the problems, solutions and actions to resolve the problems.

Participants require no experience or knowledge of planning but will be asked to commit to attending at least 8 workshops over 6-8 months.

For more information and to get involved, visit the Community-led Resilience Get Involved web page.