Community Consultative Bodies Policy Review

Shoalhaven City Council is currently reviewing the Community Consultative Bodies Policy (CCB).

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  • Project StatusCompleted
  • Last reviewed 03 November 2023

The latest

At Council's Ordinary Meeting on 25 September 2023 (MIN23.566) it was RESOLVED:
That Council adopt the Community Consultative Body – Guidelines (POL23/44).
The final guidelines are published on this web page.

About the project

Community consultation is an important component of responsible decision making and Council employs a variety of methods to actively engage local communities. One means by which Council is committed to consulting with the community is by a two-way communication process with organisations recognised by Council as CCBs.

CCBs are community groups that are formally recognised by Council as being responsible for representing the residents and ratepayers of a given area.

Council currently recognises 24 CCBs across the Shoalhaven. 

These community groups play an important role in disseminating information, facilitating discussion on a range of matters such as public policy, land developments, works and services, and communicating the collective views of the community to Council.

Guidelines Review

The operation of CCBs is governed by a policy titled ‘Guidelines for the Conduct of Community Consultative Bodies'.

Council reviewed this policy to ensure the Guidelines are relevant and effective and reflect the current operating environment.

Thank you  for your input, the consultation period has now closed.

For more  information, visit the Community Consultative Bodies web page.