Comerong Island Ferry Refurbishment Works

  • Project StatusIn progress

Council is undertaking works to refurbish the Comerong Island Ferry over the coming months. The normal Ferry service will be out of commission during this time. A pedestrian Ferry service will be provided for residents of Comerong Island during the refurbishment of the “Cormorant” Ferry and reconstruction of the approach ramps.


Council is regularly required to service the Ferry to maintain its Certificate of Survey in order to operate the vessel. This out of water survey is required to be completed every five years. However, on this occasion, work will also be undertaken to replace the concrete landings on either side of Berry’s Canal. 

Council is completing both major projects at the same time to limit the disruption to residents, as both works prevent the operation of the ferry service.

Council has established two contracts for the project, one being for the refurbishment of the vessel and the other for the replacement of the landings.

Project description

The works to be undertaken include:

Renewal and repair work for the vessel

  • Hull repairs
  • Ramp overhaul
  • Renewal of deck fittings
    • New guard rails and hatches
    • New foundations for drive wheels, engine, hydraulics, dinghy davit, lifejacket bins and cabin

Renewal of landings

  • Replacement of Western (mainland) Landing and moorings including a rock revetment wall
  • Replacement of Eastern (Island) Landing and moorings including a rock revetment wall


  • The project commenced on 21 June 2021
  • The works were initially expected to take 3-4 months, however due to additional repair works and COVID impacts it is now estimated to be completed late November pending contractor confirmation
  • The normal ferry service will be out of commission during this time

Residents pedestrian service

  • A temporary pedestrian service via a boat will be provided to maintain access during the construction period
  • No vehicular access to the island will be possible during construction
  • Access to the island via the temporary service period will be dependent on prevailing tidal and weather conditions 
  • The service will be limited to residents, their guest and contractors
  • No public access to Comerong Island will be available during the ferry service closure


Comerong Island Road, Numbaa 2540

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