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Dangerous dogs and restricted breeds

If you own a dog declared as dangerous or menacing or a restricted breed dog and need information on requirements or if you know of someone who owns one of these dogs and you believe they may not be complying with the requirements please contact Council for further information.

Restricted breeds

American Pit Bull Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier

Breed history

Throughout the world dogs have, at one time or another, been bred to fight. This breed descends from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with other fighting dogs, including the extinct fighting Bulldog. 


Key facts

First use: Dog fighting. Use today: Companion.
Life expectancy: 12 years.
Weight range: 14-36 kg.
Height range: 46-56 cm.

Dogo Argentino (Argentinian Fighting Dog)

Breed history

One of the few breeds developed in South America, the Dogo Argentino is the result of a breeding programme undertaken in the 1920s by an Argentinian breeder, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, to produce a puma and jaguar hunter. 

Key facts

First use: Game hunting, dog fighting.
Use today: Companion.
Life expectancy: 10-11 years.
Weight range: 36-45 kg.
Height range: 61-69 cm.

Japanese Tosa (Tosa Fighting Dog / Japanese Fighting Dog)

Breed history

Initially bred in Japan's Kochi Prefecture, from crosses between native Shikoku fighting dogs and imported mastiffs, Great Danes, bulldogs, and bull terriers, this breed was once called the Japanese Mastiff.


Key facts

First use: Dog fighting.
Use today: Companion.
Life expectancy: 9-11 years.
Weight range: 89.5-90.5 kg.
Height range: 62-65 cm.

Fila Brasiliairo (Brazilian Mastiff / Brazilian Fighting Dog)

Breed history

One of Brazil's two native breeds (the other one being the rare Brazilian Tracker), this powerful mastiff was developed from Spanish and Portuguese mastiffs and Bloodhounds in order to track and control livestock and large game. 

Key facts

First use: Tracking, large game hunting. Use today: Companion, security.
Life expectancy: 9-11 years.
Weight range: 41-50 kg.
Height range: 61-76 cm.

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