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Kerb & Guttering

Council has an enormous task to provide kerb and guttering adjacent to all urban properties in the Shoalhaven.  Current funding levels for this work will mean it may take decades to complete.  Therefore those projects which meet the strict engineering criteria of reducing on-going maintenance problems; being required to support increased traffic generation; or to alleviate stormwater discharge through private properties receive first priority.  Kerb and gutter for aesthetic purposes is given low priority

Whilst the Kerb and Gutter Construction - Ratepayer Financing Policy outlined below is current, unfortunately budget restraints are causing the approval of applications to be very limited due to the work schedule of Council construction crews.

How can I have kerb and gutter constructed now?

By means of a ratepayer’s advance, the property owner requesting kerb and gutter construction may forward the cost of the work to Council.  Council will repay the loan proportion of the cost to the ratepayer after a period of five (5) years.

What is ratepayer financing?

Ratepayer financing is a method of financing the construction of kerb and gutter fronting a ratepayer’s property in advance of the work being undertaken via Council’s normal kerb and gutter construction programme.

What are the criteria for approval?

The property must be in an urban residential area where Council ultimately intends to provide kerb and guttering.  The work is to be certified as feasible and not deleterious to any other work or property.  Approval will only be issued for construction fronting two properties, two or more properties or sections of at least 30 metres in length, or shorter if infill works allow two existing sections of kerb & gutter to be joined.

What do I pay for?

Under Section 217 of the Roads Act 1993, Council may recover from the adjoining owner half the cost of any kerb and gutter constructed along the frontage of the property.  Side boundaries are charged at one quarter of the cost.

What does Council pay for?

Council meets the remaining half cost and full cost of bitumen sealing shoulders and any associated drainage.

What interest do I receive on my loan?

Council is regulated by the requirements of the Local Government Act which has set a simple interest rate of 5% per annum on the loan/advance which will be repaid, that is Council’s share of the cost which is half cost of kerb and gutter and full cost of bitumen sealed shoulder and associated drainage.

When do I obtain my repayments?

Repayments will be made on a date (5) years after the day on which the advance is made and will be paid to the original owner of the property providing the loan.

Who do I contact?

By contacting your area Construction Engineer, costing of the works fronting your property can be determined following which an agreement can be drawn up, payments made and the work programmed.

Contact numbers

Northern area                                   Ph: 4429 3821

Bay & Basin area                             Ph: 4406 2000

Southern & Sussex Inlet area       Ph: 4429 8902

Are there any extras?

Council encourages ratepayers to have constructed driveway slabs between the property boundary and kerb line.  This work does not form part of the Ratepayer’s Financing.  The full cost is met by the owner but a competitive price can be provided by Council.

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