Projects under investigation

Projects under investigation

Huskisson Traffic and Parking Studies

The Huskisson Traffic and Parking Studies are now available to the public.

Council resolved on 20 December 2016 that:

  1. The Huskisson Traffic and Parking Study be made publicly available

  2. Commence survey design and consultation for all short term pedestrian and traffic management options in accordance with the recommended strategy

  3. Consider reviewing the Development Control Plan and Contributions Plan projects related to car parking and traffic facilities

  4. As part of the next major review of the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan, on the basis of the study findings consider to plan for the long term provision of a Huskisson Bypass (alternative road access around the town centre for through traffic)

Links to the completed studies are provided below.


Shoalhaven City Council has made the Huskisson Traffic and Parking Studies available online to the public as the Council considers the area’s future traffic and parking requirements.

The study was undertaken in stages as Council explored both the supply and demand for parking in the CBD; the demand for parking based on Council’s Development Control Plan; and traffic modelling analysis which explored the short term and long term needs for traffic management in and around the town centre. The study also considers pedestrian movements.

The study found parking levels were currently adequate in accordance with recognised standards, however, noted the pressure placed on parking in popular coastal locations like Huskisson in times of higher tourist seasonal demand.

The Huskisson Traffic and Parking Study was undertaken in response to long term community concerns regarding traffic and parking issues. It also investigates the long term need for a bypass of Huskisson.

Traffic Study

Short and Medium Term Recommendations

  • Mid-Block Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra) Owen Street (between Sydney Street and Currambene Street, at location of existing crossing)

  • Pedestrian Crossing (Zebra) crossing on eastern and southern legs of the Currambene Street/ Owen Street intersection

  • Sydney Street/Owen Street Roundabout

  • Roundabouts at the Currambene Street/ Bowen Street and Bowen/ Hawke intersections.

Local Area Traffic Management measures in local streets around the town centre affected by traffic diversions (impact of pedestrian crossing improvements)

Long Term Recommendations

Full or Partial Bypass Road

The study determines that a Bypass is not viable at the present point in time but planning for this option will need to be considered.

Parking Study – Recommended Strategy

  • Council should continue to plan for the provision of 160 parking bays on the Church/Crown land The existing 78 spaces on the Owen Street car park on southern side (at 38-40 Owen Street, and including 3 Morton Street) should be protected by public covenant in any redevelopment proposal

  • The reconfiguration of the existing Owen Street car park on the southern side to create an additional 40 spaces

The study identifies a significant amount of parking could be provided within road reserve land around the CBD however, recommends that any new on-street parking provided should not be used to cater for DCP requirements (which are to address theoretical “off-street” demand in accordance with the DCP).

Community Engagement

The Huskisson Traffic and Parking Studies were commenced several years ago and at the outset the community was engaged to provide input to the studies (and requested to provide suggestions for what types of pedestrian and traffic management treatments they wanted to see in and around the town centre).

The release of the technical studies provides further opportunity for the public to comment.

Links to completed studies:

Huskisson Traffic Study

Huskisson Parking Study


Enquiries in relation to this project may be directed to Mr Scott Wells (Traffic & Transport Unit Manager) or Mr Wayne Schnoor (Transport Engineering Officer) by phoning (02) 4429 3312 or (02) 4429 3315.


Nowra CBD Car Parking Study

The Nowra CBD Car Parking Study is now available to the public. The study was undertaken in response to community concerns regarding parking levels and was undertaken in two stages - the supply and demand for parking in the CBD as well as the theoretical demand for parking based on the Development Control Plan.

The study found that the CBD has approximately 71 % parking occupancy at the 85th percentile level in accordance with recognised standards. This demonstrates adequate car parking availability in the CBD when all parking supply (both on and off street) is taken into consideration.

The study also demonstrates a shortfall in theoretical demand for off street parking using the rates found within the Development Control Plan.

The study also identifies where an additional 186 spaces could be provided within the next five years to meet the theoretical demand.

Please note that the DCP rates only assess the need for off street parking associated with development whereas the supply/demand approach considers all parking and how well these spaces are being utilised.

Council will consider an allocation of funding for the planning, design and consultation of short term works to be included in the 2016/17 Operational Plan budget.

Review the Nowra CBD Car Parking Study (PDF, 12MB).

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