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What is a plan of management/master plan?
What is community land
How is community land categorised?
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What is a plan of management/master plan?

A Plan of Management or Master Plan is a document which guides the management of particular categories, or specific areas of Community Land.  

The Plan of Management may be generic (i.e. covering more than one area of Community Land) or specific (covering one area only). Site specific Plans of Management are often linked to a strategic or master plan of the land.

Master plans are site specific and developed to identify future direction for the site.  These plans will include enhancement and embellishments and lead the site into the future.

What is community land?

The Local Government Act 1993, requires Council to take and maintain an inventory of all land owned by Council.  This land is then classified as either Community Land or Operation Land.

Community Land is further defined as land which is set aside for Community Use, such as parks, beaches, reserves, natural areas, community facilities and sportsgrounds.  Any Community Land must be governed by a Plan of Management.

Community Land must be also be categorised as one or more of the following:

  • Sportsground
  • Park
  • General Community Use
  • Area of Cultural Significance
  • Natural Areas

Natural Areas must be further sub-categorised as

  • Foreshore
  • Bushland
  • Wetland
  • Escarpment
  • Watercourse

How is community land categorised?

Community Land must be categorised according to the Local Government Act 1993.  The categories reflect land use and/or describe the physical characteristics of the land.  Categorisation is intended to focus Council's attention on the nature of the land and how they may be best managed.  Some Community Land is automatically categorised under the Local Government Act, for example land affected by threatened species is required to be categorised as Natural Area.

Each category has a list of core objectives described within the Local Government Act which the community land must be managed by. 

Can land be dually categorised?

Yes.  Some parcels of land may be classified and categorised in more than one way, e.g:

  • part Operational Land, e.g. car park and part Community Land, e.g. sportsground
  • part Park and Part Natural Area, e.g Bushland
  • part Natural Area, e.g Bushland and part Natural Area, e.g. Wetland

Where more than one category is used to define a portion of Community Land, the Plan must clearly identify the land or parts of the land and the separate categories.

In some cases, a reserve may not have been given a dual categorisation, even though there are elements of another category present on the reserve.  This may be due to the fact that the areas are small and fragmented.  For example, many sportsgrounds contain areas of parkland, and many parks are situated along foreshores.  Council retains sufficient flexibility in its approach to the management of these areas in accordance with community and land needs.

What about crown land?

Crown Land that is in the care and control of Council must also be managed according to the provisions of the Crown Lands Act.  Council has developed site specific Plans of Management for all showgrounds located within the Shoalhaven.  Other site specific Plans of Management that contain Crown Land are governed by the legislative framework of the Crown Lands Act, Local Government Act and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

Where can I get a copy?

Copies of all Council's adopted Plans of Management and Master Plans are available by clicking on the link below.  If you would like further information contact Council's Recreation and Community Facilities Planning Unit on (02) 4429 3111.

 Title Size (kb)
Generic Plan of Management - General Community Use No 8 (PDF)  722
Generic Community Land Plan of Management - Natural Areas No 7 (PDF)  880
Generic Plan of Management - Parks No 6 (PDF)  853
Generic Plan of Management - Sportsgrounds No 5 (PDF)  750
Artie Smith Oval Master Plan (PDF)  858
Bushland Management Strategy for Narrawallee Southern Foreshore Reserve (PDF) 490
Mollymook Bill Andriske Oval Master Plan (PDF) 4,000
Paringa Park Master Plan (PDF)  808
Plan of Management for Berrara Creek Flats Community Land No 9 (PDF)  1,533
Plan of Management for Crookhaven Headland No 1 (PDF)  2,532
Plan of Management for Ellmoos Reserve No 19 (PDF)  3,808
Plan of Management for Gannet Beach (PDF)  1,239
Plan of Management for Greenwell Point Foreshore No 20 (PDF)  3,226
Plan of Management for Grays Beach and the Grotto

Plan of Management for Hazel Rowbotham Reserve Community Land No 10 (PDF)  811
Plan of Management for Huskisson Beach and Moona Moona Creek Reserve (PDF)  4,920
Plan of Management for Kangaroo Valley Showground (PDF)  5,421
Plan of Management for Kings Point Foreshore Community Land No 2 (PDF)  1,135
Plan of Management for Mahogany Creek Reserve Community Land No 3 (PDF)  274
Plan of Management for Mollymook Beach Reserve (PDF)  4,004
Plan of Management for O'Hara Head Reserve No 15 (PDF)  5,801
Plan of Management and Landscape Plan for Plantation Point (PDF)   4, 412
Plan of Management for White Sands Park and Voyager Memorial Park (PDF)  2,314
Shoalhaven Equestrian Centre of Excellence Master Plan (PDF)  8,000
The Berry Showground Plan of Management, Hazelberry Park No 16 (PDF)  2,702
The Milton Showground Plan of Management No 19 (PDF)  21,969
The Nowra Showground Plan of Management No 18 


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