Capital Works Methodology

Capital Works Methodology


Council has a variety of ranking systems for prioritising capital work. The following are some of the selection criteria used to prioritise projects :

  • Accessibility

  • Business Case

    • Market holding

    • Competitors

    • Income stream

    • Pay back period

  • Capacity

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Condition of existing assets

  • Construction & material quality

  • Design & building standards

  • Environment

  • Feedback from Community Consultative Bodies on adoption of asset management plans

  • Functionality

  • Funding sources - current available & future possibilities

  • Good governance

  • Heritage

  • Intervention for upgrade/ recondition/ modification

  • Maintenance regimes ( statutory/ programmed) & responsive requirements

  • Operational demands / stresses - parameters of acceptance levels with the environment

  • Public image (ESD) - carbon footprint

  • Requests received by Council

  • Residual value

  • Safety

  • Social

  • Technology

  • Useful life V physical life

  • Utilisation

  • Whole of life costs (Initial construction cost, life of asset and its components, operational costs – amortised over life of asset)

The whole of life model needs to show:

  • initial capital cost/ options
  • then ongoing operational costs - yearly

  • life expectancy

  • expected intervention period to reinstate asset to an acceptable level

  • total cost over life of asset and

  • amortisation or cost / benefit analysis. 

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