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As cat breeding season gets underway, Shoalhaven City Council Rangers are encouraging responsible cat ownership to avoid negligent breeding and anti-social consequences. To combat kitten season multiple rescue organisations in the region have joined to form the Shoalhaven Cat Project.

Shoalhaven Animal Shelter, Animal Welfare League Shoalhaven, Nowra/Jervis Bay branches and the RSPCA’s Ulladulla branch have all joined forces for Kitten season. The project aims to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens in the region. Shoalhaven Animal Shelter Supervisor Jodie Parnell said there are a few easy things cat owners can do.

“Ensuring your cat is microchipped, registered and desexed is the easiest way to ensure you are a responsible cat owner” Jodie Parnell said.

“Over Spring and Summer as daylight increases, cats have continual breeding cycles and the females will actively seek out males until they are mated or breeding season ceases. The result is a large volume of kittens arriving at our local animal shelters, putting increased pressure on our limited resources.

“Breeding season also encourages wandering and vicious brawling between males, resulting in serious injuries, incidents with vehicles and noise disturbances from cats throughout the community.” Jodie Parnell said.

There are a few ways you can be a responsible cat owner, here in the Shoalhaven:

•Have your cat/Kitten microchipped, desexed and registered by six months of age. Registering is easy and can be completed online at

•Keep your cat indoors and/or contained in a backyard run, particularly over the breeding season.

•Have clear identification on your cat’s collar which enables Council to establish the cat’s name and owner’s contact details.

•Never dump unwanted kittens, please contact animal organisations or place them in the overnight cages.

For common questions on cats and cat ownership in the Shoalhaven, visit:

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