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West Nowra Recycling and Waste Facility - Landfill Extension

Flatrock Road, Mundamia

The site of the proposed landfill extension is at the West Nowra Recycling and Waste Facility, 120 Flatrock Road, Mundamia. The site is approximately 5km west of the Nowra CBD and within the existing land zoned (SP2) for the West Nowra Recycling and Waste Facility. The land is owned by Shoalhaven City Council. The area of the proposed landfill extension is within Lot 1 DP 1104402, being an area of approximately 14.5ha.

The proposed landfill extension forms part of a broader project to establish the existing landfill site as the primary waste treatment facility for the Shoalhaven over the next 25 to 40 years. Another area of the adjoining the site is already in the planning stages for the development of a Resource Recovery Park (RRP-Lot 342 DP 257515) to include the receipt and processing of up to 130,000 tonnes of waste per year. The RRP project has obtained Secretaries Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project is currently being prepared (refer to SSD 15_7015 Department of Planning and Environment NSW website).

Map of proposed location

The residual waste from the proposed RRP facility would be disposed of within the existing landfill site at Mundamia. At present, the existing landfill site has a projected life expectancy of approximately 10 years if no extension is made to the existing site. The introduction of the NSW Biodiversity Offsets Policy for Major Projects (Sept 2014) and subsequent planning implications has shown that the relocation of the proposed RRP to the site identified in SSD 15_7015 would enable space for extension of the existing landfill. Relocation of the RRP to the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter site, and the relocation of the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter to a new site at 19 BTU Road, Nowra Hill, may extend the landfill life expectancy by another 14 years.

The vision for the West Nowra Recycling and Waste Facility is to provide a comprehensive facility for the processing and disposal of waste over at least the next 25-40 years. The landfill extension proposes the following key features:

  • Addition of approximately 1.38 million cubic metres of additional landfill capacity;
  • Extension of the landfill life capacity by up to 14 years at current disposal rates, or 30 years when including the reduced waste to landfill achieved through operation of the proposed RRP (which is expected to take several years to come online);
  • Appropriate environmental controls including leachate and sedimentation controls to ensure the facility continues to meet its operating licence requirements
  • Providing an on-going disposal option for residual wastes that is in close proximity to the proposed RRP;
  • Minimising the footprint to be created by waste management activities by extending the size of the existing facility, rather than establishing a new landfill (and associated infrastructure in a greenfield location; and
  • Building on the existing recognition of the site as the primarily landfill location in the Shoalhaven. In conjunction with the proposed RRP, the landfill extension achieves the vision of the site into the future.

The objectives for the landfill project component are:

  • Following substantial reduction of waste to landfill created by the implementation of the adjoining RRP, to allow the West Nowra Recycling and Waste Facility to continue to serve the local community's waste disposal needs further into the future;
  • Minimise the impacts associated with waste facilities by avoiding the need to operate separate large scale resource recovery and landfill disposal facilities;
  • Reduce the extent to which waste is transported through the Shoalhaven area by creating an all-encompassing facility;
  • Minimise the social disruption associated with the need to develop an entirely new landfill facility; and
  • Maximise the use of existing infrastructure and value of land already appropriately zoned for waste management purposes.

The landfill extension will be managed under Council's existing and varied Environmental Protection Licence (No 5877)conditions. The SEARs for the landfill extension from the Department of Planning and Environment, (SSD15_7187) were obtained by Council on 19th August 2015. Council will undertake a detailed landfill design phase to be used as a guiding document (Landfill Environmental Management Plan - LEMP) in the preparation of an EIS.

The proposed landfill extension site is currently zoned in the Shoalhaven LEP 2014 - Special Purpose 2 Infrastructure (SP2), annotated for "Waste / Resource Management Facilities". The site contains Council's primary recycling and waste management facility and landfill, with a RRP proposed at the site entry area (subject to current State Significant Development application SSD 15_7015). The landfill site has been in operation since 1979 and the current landfill operations were approved in 1988.

The proposal is a State Significant Development as identified by State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development 2011). The proposal is considered to be 'state significant development' as it is of a type listed in Schedule 1 of the State and Regional Development SEPP, specifically being consistent with item 23 - Waste and resource management facilities definition:

(1) A development for the purpose of regional putrescible landfills or an extension to a regional putrescible landfill that:
    (a) has a capacity to receive more than 75,000 tonnes per year of putrescible waste, or 
    (b) has a capacity to receive more than 650,000 tonnes of putrescible waste over the life of the site.

Waste Policy and Legislation: The NSW Government's Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2014-2021, the National Waste Policy and the Waste Avoidance & Recovery Act 2001, collectively provide a policy direction and application legislation to facilitate improved resource recovery and waste management procedures throughout the industry. The landfill extension is part of Council's broader approach to waste management and services, meeting the objectives and directions in State policies and legislative documents.

Whilst the life of the existing facility is expected to be extended by the introduction of the proposed RRP by an additional 14 years, there remains an immediate need to identify and secure a longer-term landfill potential should the RRP not proceed or be further delayed. In any case, the proposed landfill extension is anticipated to provide an additional 14 to 30 years of landfill capacity and avoid the need for separating the landfill and RRP sites.


Information regarding the location, and scope of the landfill extension can be found at one of the following locations.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/shoalhavencitycouncil

Department of Planning and Environment NSW website - Identification number SSD_7187 (http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=7187).

Residents and users of the current landfill facility and in the vicinity of the proposed extension site are invited to provide submissions, attend a tour of the site, or an information session. The purpose of the tours of the site and information sessions is to provide the community with further details of the proposal and allow the opportunity to provide feedback and comments.

Comments and feedback closed on Friday 6th November 2015.

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