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Funding for Berry & Broughton Vale Rural Fire Station

At the Extra Ordinary meeting of Shoalhaven City Council held on 15 May 2018, Council resolved to defer the determination of whether Council will provide $400,000 funding to the building of the Berry and Broughton Vale Rural Fire Station.

This matter will instead be discussed at next weeks Ordinary Meeting, to be held on the 22nd May 2018, at Nowra Administration Building.

Funding for NSW Fire Service is traditionally provided through an 11.7% Council contribution, 12% State Government contribution and the remaining is contributed through insurance companies via the Fire Services Levy.

In previous financial years, Council has contributed over $980,000 to the RFS, with $1.3M contributed in 2016.

Council has always contributed towards the RFS and our volunteers. Council continues to support the important work that the RFS provides for our community.

There is currently over $2.9M in unfunded Council resolutions and requests for this financial year, by adding an additional $400,000 to this year’s budget it would take Council’s deficit to above $7M dollars.

This deferral will allow for Council staff to consider and provide a number of options, for Councillors at the next Ordinary Meeting, to determine alternative methods of funding the proposal.

Further discussions will occur as part of the budget considerations to be brought before Council next week.

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  • Funding for Berry & Broughton Vale Rural Fire Station

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