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Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group Welcomes New Members


The Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group met on the 10 April and welcomed new members to their team of both councillors and industry professionals. Every two years members must be renewed and the expression of interest has been filled by five new members including one permanent position for a National Parks and Wildlife. 

Lynn Locke, Chair of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group (STAG) “On behalf of the Advisory Group I would like to say a big thank you to the previous members who have contributed to our success. At the same time we welcome with enthusiasm, new members with diverse backgrounds and an abundant array of skills to offer Shoalhaven Tourism. We look forward to being a part of a sustainable future of tourism in the Shoalhaven.”

Robert Crow of Climb Nowra has an extensive background in training and coaching and was a key staff member is setting up the Bridge Climb in Sydney.

Imelda Dover joins the board in a new permanent position appointed to NPWS. She is the Visitor Experience and tourism representative for parks in the South East NSW region.

Paul Jrumpinjinbah McLeod First Nations: Wandianwanderian, Murramarang, Tomikin, Jaithmathang, Yaithmathung, Bhewerre joins us and currently on the Council Aboriginal Advisory Group and the Wreck Bay Community Board.

Louise Hallum of Mt Hay Retreat Berry brings tourism experience as well as a vast background in marketing and consumer insights in the FMCG industry in the UK.

Neil Rodgers has over 10 years of senior marketing management experience within the travel and tourism industry including the National Geographic brand.


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  • Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group Welcomes New Members

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