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Driving in wet weather conditions

With wet weather conditions set in, it’s a timely reminder for all motorists to slow down when weather conditions deteriorate and drive with caution.

Travelling on wet or icy roads increases the risk of a crash, even for an experienced motorist on roads they know well.

Shoalhaven City Council Traffic Officer Kym Snow is reminding residents that travelling on wet or icy roads increases the risk of a crash even for an experienced motorist on roads they know well. 

“From 2013 to 2017 approximately 28 per cent of crashes in the Shoalhaven LGA, occurred in the rain, fog and overcast weather conditions. These conditions not only affect a motorist’s ability to see the road and other vehicles, but it also affects the driver’s ability to stop and control their vehicle on roads that may be wet and slippery”, said Ms Snow. 

Roads can become slippery during or after periods of rain as a result of a build-up of water, oil and grime. As a result motorists should reduce their speed to reduce the risk of a crash.

When driving motorists should:

·       Obey speed advisory signs and drive to the conditions.

·       Take notice of variable message signs with up-to-date information about the weather and road conditions.

·       Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front at all times and allow extra distances during adverse weather conditions.

  • Braking should be gentle and early. When you accelerate, make sure you do it slowly.

·       Drive with your headlights on low beam. Fog lights should only be used if driving in fog, mist or other atmospheric conditions that restrict your visibility.

·       Watch for wildlife warning signs – many crashes in snow and ice affected areas involve native animals crossing roads, particularly at night.

For further information please visit Transport for NSW Centre for Road Safety      

https://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/ and for the latest traffic information visit the Live Traffic NSW website www.livetraffic.com, which is updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week or phone the Traffic Info Line on 132 701. 

  • Driving in wet weather conditions

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