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Council to open Lake Conjola

Shoalhaven City Council is again planning to open Lake Conjola to the ocean this week following predictions of a continuation in the recent wet weather.

Council staff have been continually monitoring lake water levels following the recent rain which has already resulted in the saturation of the catchment area.

With the current lake level sitting at 0.85m Australian Height Datum (AHD) and the area predicted to receive upwards of 15mm of rain over the next eight days, Council staff have made the decision to undertake a pre-emptive lake opening beginning this Thursday.

Director of Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, Peter Adams said while the 1m AHD intervention level remained in place he felt it was appropriate to open the Lake to the ocean given the high water level and the prediction of more heavy rains.

“Rather than face a possible holiday emergency some time next week, Council will open Lake Conjola slightly earlier than usual, keeping in mind the high likelihood of the intervention level being reached,” said Mr Adams.

“I feel it is important to undertake an early Lake opening in this circumstance given the Lake’s rapid response to rainfall and the reduced availability of contractors and operational staff over the Christmas break.

“As such, Council staff have authorised the preparation of a pilot channel beginning tomorrow morning with machine access to be provided via the Cunjurong Point Ramp.”

“Council contractors will then fully open the Lake Friday morning with the exact time remaining dependent on site conditions.”

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