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Council introduces chemical free weed control

Shoalhaven City Council has introduced the use of a saturated steam weed control machine, allowing their Weed Biosecurity Unit to control weeds that would normally be treated with herbicides.  

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley said that the technology had been embraced by a number of inner-city Sydney Councils as an alternative means of managing weedy vegetation in an urban environment. 

“Shoalhaven City Council have embraced this new technology and it shows its ongoing commitment to health and wellbeing of our community and the environment,” Clr Findley said.  

“The Australian-made technology has been exported to the US where schools, colleges and universities in some states use this means of managing weeds, in preference to conventional methods. The benefits of the new method are there will be no chemical resistance build up in weeds. In fact, weeds will become easier to kill as time goes by.  

“Another added benefit will reduce the impact on our local frogs and insect population as well the technology is able to be used in all types of weather conditions.  

“Chemical will still be used in certain selected situations, as steam is not effective on all species. Testing on woody weed species is continuing to extend the range of target species. The aim of the machine is to reduce our Council’s reliance on chemicals to the greatest extent possible. "

The machine was introduced to the public at the Berry Small Farm Field Days, where it attracted a lot of attention from patrons of the event.

  • Council introduces chemical free weed control

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