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Shoalhaven Set to Begin Water Restrictions

Shoalhaven residents will be on Level 1 Water Restrictions from 3 September 2018. Level 1 restrictions ban the washing down of hard surfaces such as paths and driveways and allow the use of a hand-held hose at any time for gardening and lawn watering and washing of vehicles and boats.  Sprinklers, drip irrigation and topping up of existing swimming pools can be used, but hoses must be connected to a timer.

Mayor Amanda Findley said the Level 1 water restrictions are the first step to ensure we keep our water levels as steady as possible as well as prepare us for the summer months ahead.

“Shoalhaven Water reviewed all the relevant information on water usage, dam levels and long-term forecasts before making the decision to commence water restrictions to Level 1,” Clr Findley said.  “There are tried and tested plans in place that trigger the start of water restrictions.”

 “Water restrictions are about getting the balance right between trying to prolong the amount of water in the dams while still allowing residents to use water how they need it.”

Handheld watering by a hose is allowed at any time on any day.

Level 1 water restrictions will commence from Monday, 3 September 2018.  If there is no substantial rainfall in the coming months, Level 2 water restrictions would be announced in the future.

Clr Findley thanked the community in advance for being water-wise during the long dry spell.

“We all see the effect of the drought on our farmers and agriculture sector and with the level of dry fuel on the ground, there is the increased risk for bushfires which has already commenced in the Shoalhaven,” Clr Findley said. “Bushfires increase the need for water usage, so we need everyone to play a part.”

“Shoalhaven Water wants to ensure we have water security for the Shoalhaven and no one can afford to be complacent.  It is up to each individual to play a part in watching every drop.”

Shoalhaven Water will continue to monitor dam levels and would review the restriction level again if more significant rain falls over the catchment.

“If any rain falls over the dam and the levels increase, Shoalhaven Water will review the water restriction level,” Clr Findley said.

“Shoalhaven Water and Council understand how important our water is and that’s why we want to ensure we preserve such a precious resource while still allowing residents to use water when they need it.”

Some commercial and community users have standard variations to the restrictions levels and all customers can apply for an approved special variation for their water usage if required for a particular reason. 

For more information on water restrictions, standard variations or to apply for a special variation visit Shoalhaven Water’s website at or contact Shoalhaven Water direct on 1300 662 246.

  • Shoalhaven Set to Begin Water Restrictions

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