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Droning in on Rubbish

Shoalhaven City Council is taking the drastic step of adopting the use of drones to find illegal rubbish dumping sites.

The innovative new program will see a drone being used to assist in finding dumped rubbish in hard to get to areas of the bush and to assist in finding access points to clean up the rubbish.

Rangers Unit Manager Michael Jarman said that this is just another step to combat what is becoming a big issue in the Shoalhaven.

“Council is intending to use a qualified Drone operator to locate illegal dumping in hard to reach, or out of the way areas. We will ensure we are inappropriate fly zones with licenses.”

Mr Jarman continued, “We believe this will aid the Ranger team with another tool to help locate rubbish.  We already have a range of other tools such as boom gates and hidden cameras helping the team.  Together with the investigation side of locating the offenders through technology, witnesses and other means, we are well on the way to ensure our Report Illegal Dumping program in the Shoalhaven eventually is only a preventative educational campaign, rather than a preventative, collection and investigation project.”

“If the drone picks up other illegal activity then that will be investigated as well by the appropriate Council section or external agency.”

Funding for the program was provided under the Environment Protection Authority Southern Region Illegal Dumping Program with in-kind support from Council.

Drone in Action

Council Rangers used drone technology in the Morton National Park at Yalwal.  A report had been received by Rangers about the possibility of a stolen vehicle having been pushed over the cliff face at the ‘Pinnacles’, Yalwal Road, Yalwal.

Accessibility by foot down to the forest floor in this part of the National Park is almost non-existent. 

The high-resolution images recorded by the drone while in flight confirmed that no vehicle was at the base of the cliff.

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  • Droning in on Rubbish

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