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Shoalhaven Community & Recreational Precinct Direction Determined

he immediate future direction of the Shoalhaven Community and Recreational Precinct was decided at the Shoalhaven City Council’s Ordinary Meeting on 27 February 2018.  Councillors unanimously voted to support the retention of a 50m pool at Bomaderry and for a review of the masterplan to be undertaken.

The recommendation states that Council will work alongside the Athletics Club to investigate an alternative site for a new facility with a commitment to fund works and seek grant funds in the short term.  Funding of up to $300,000 will be provided in the 2018/19 budget for project scoping, consultation and design work with a view to delivering a plan that will be construction ready by 2020. Council will also apply for sporting grants for the construction of the facility. 

Council also committed to maintaining the Bomaderry Aquatic Centre in its present form. The review of the Masterplan design will now provide for a 50-metre pool and swimming complex as part of the current works plan and priorities which now includes an athletics facility. 

Council will also advise the Croquet Club that it may continue to remain in its current location and to proceed with its expansion plan. A further report will be provided back to Council on funding options for the croquet facility.

The Indoor Sports Centre construction is currently underway and will continue.

All stakeholders and sporting associations will be contacted about the decision and kept updated.

Mayor Amanda Findley said, “I am always very supportive of what the community has to say. It is important that Council hears the needs and wishes of the community. We are clearly listening.”

"Council will rework the concept designs, the financial plan, business case and the mix of facilities to accommodate a 50-metre pool within the swimming complex.”  

“This has always been about getting in place, within a competitive marketplace, something that will be shovel ready and have the ability to attract grants. It is also about planning for the future.”

“It is important that we do the planning and that we do the detail work involved in any project such as this.”

As a priority, Council will work collaboratively with the Athletics Club and continue to investigate other options to support a location for an all weather facilities for Athletics in the Shoalhaven.

Mayor Findley said "There is no doubt we need our local State MP’s support to secure significant funding for this project.  It was clear from the MP’s meeting and correspondence it would be difficult to proceed with the Masterplan ”as is” without their support.”

“It is clear that our local State MP's and our community do not support the proposal in its current form. Council have therefore chosen to head in a direction that supports the needs of our community and which all Councillors also support.”

“Council will undertake the required work and continue to consult with our community to ensure that both athletics and swimming is supported in the northern Shoalhaven.”

  • Shoalhaven Community & Recreational Precinct Direction Determined

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