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Council to raise awareness on wood smoke compliance

Shoalhaven City Council will enhance awareness of the impacts of wood smoke throughout the local government area.


Council determined that residents responsible for excess wood smoke are made aware of the impacts on their community.


Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Amanda Findley, is asking households to check their chimneys.


“Winter has brought the issue of wood smoke to our attention and this Council determination will see improved awareness for residents on the correct use of wood heaters.”


“Unfortunately wood smoke pollution can harm the environment and your health and can be upsetting for neighbours, especially those with breathing difficulties.”


“We encourage residents to ensure their chimneys are operating as efficiently as it could be regardless of its age.”


““Council’s Environmental Health Officers respond to complaints about wood smoke and provide information to residents on how to use their wood heaters more efficiently to reduce smoke.”


Fines can be issued to you if your wood heater generates excessive smoke, which is when a plume of smoke is emitted from a chimney for a continuous period of at least 10 minutes and includes a period of not less than 30 seconds where the plume extends 10 metres from the chimney.”


To reduce smoke from your wood heater:

  • Clean your chimney every year.
  • Use only dry, aged, untreated wood.
  • Use small logs instead of one large one.
  • Don’t let your fire smoulder overnight.

For information on how to use your wood heater better, contact Council on 02 4429 3111 or visit the EPA website at

  • Council to raise awareness on wood smoke compliance

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