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Council responds to Four Corners investigation into recycling

On Monday night, ABC program, Four Corners investigated the important topic of recycling and where it ends up. 
Mayor Amanda Findley said that the program exposed a number of practices occurring in areas of the waste industry that the public should rightly be outraged about.
“Shoalhaven City Council strongly condemns the unscrupulous waste processing practices exposed in Monday night’s Four Corners program,” said Mayor Findley. 
“In response to the program, Council has received several enquiries regarding our waste processing systems.”
“The claims and exposés made in the Four Corners program are simply not applicable in any way to Shoalhaven City Council’s Waste Services practices.”
Firstly, approximately 95% of our yellow bin material is sorted and sent for recycling by local Bomaderry recycler, Shoalhaven Recycling. The remaining 5% consisting of contamination, such as foodstuffs, nappies and other non-recyclables, is sent to landfill.”
The program asserted that glass is widely sent to landfill or stockpiled in warehouses in Victoria.
“In the Shoalhaven, glass is crushed to create a glass sand and reused in the local area under an EPA Resource Recovery Order & Exemption. The glass sand is reused under concrete slabs, for pipe embedment in trenches, for road making activities and as a drainage material in landscaping, and it is not sent to landfill or to warehouses in Victoria.”
“Shoalhaven Recycling are also active in investigating other reuse options which includes reuse as a filter media, and as a sand replacement in concrete and asphalt.”
“Paper, cardboard, tin cans, aluminium, scrap metal and plastic containers continue to be sold to long and established customers in the recycling market.”
“All red bin waste collected through Council’s contractor is transported directly to the landfill at West Nowra which is owned and operated by Council.  There is no incentive to take any of this waste material over a distance of 1,000km all the way to Queensland.”
“Council also provides opportunities for residents to go on a “tip tour” where all aspects of waste and recycling in the Shoalhaven is explored, and people are able to see it in a tangible way.” 
“I strongly encourage any residents interested in taking a tip tour to contact Council’s Waste Services so a tour can be arranged,” Mayor Findley said. 
Interested residents can contact Waste Services on (02) 4429 3129. 
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CONTACT: Mayor Amanda Findley - ph. 0434 151 730
  • Council responds to Four Corners investigation into recycling

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