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Parson Street Development Update

At Shoalhaven City Council’s Ordinary Meeting on 28 March 2017, Council determined to change its previous resolution of the Development Committee held on 14 March to vary the height limit for the development at Parson Street, Ulladulla.


This matter was brought to Council through a rescission motion by Clr Proudfoot, Clr Guile and Clr Kitchener.


On further consideration, Council has determined that they will not support the variation to the height limit policy that applies to this location and that the 7.5m limit will stand.


Mayor Findley said, “Council has listened to the feedback received from the community about the decision made on 14 March 2017.  “The community clearly told Council that they wanted the rules to be adhered to and the policy which had been developed with the community to be supported.”


“Council has now been mindful to respect the process that was undertaken in the development of the Local Environmental Plan and the Development Control Plan. This was an extensive process and involved a lot of community consultation and discussion.”


“On reflection, it was acknowledged that the proposed 40% variation in height limit was simply too excessive in this location and that the existing policy should be upheld.  Although Council understood the merits of the proposal and found the design of the building appealing, in the end, the views of the community needed to be taken into account.  Council staff will communicate Council’s decision to not support a variation to the existing height limit policy to the developer.”


“Staff will explain the need for the development to meet the 7.5metre height limit that currently stands within this location. “The developer will be provided time to consider their options prior to the application being determined.  “The developer will also be advised of the proposed review to be undertaken in this location.”


“We in the Shoalhaven want to be seen as supporting appropriate development, we support tourism and economic improvements, but we also want to listen to our community and what they want for their future. “We want to continue this conversation and will therefore also undertake a review of the height limits in the B5 and R3 zones south of Deering Street. It is expected that this review will be carried out within the next 6 months.”


“The review will allow for the community to have their say about the height limits in this area.”


“It allows for the policy to be determined through a consultative process rather than through a development application”


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