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Tiny Houses - Pathway to Affordable Housing

At the Shoalhaven City Council Ordinary Meeting held on the 25 October 2016, Council determined to investigate the option of using tiny house living to assist with the homeless and as a pathway to affordable housing in the Shoalhaven.

The idea was highlighted to Council in a mayoral minute provided by Mayor Amanda Findley and outlined that Tiny Houses could be an avenue to decreasing housing stress. 

Mayor Findley said, “I am glad that Council has decided to take this project forward to investigate how tiny houses can be part of the dealing with the homelessness issue and housing affordability. It won’t fix the problem but it could go a long way in providing a different housing solution.”

Council will need to analyse the benefits, investment costs and how the housing can eventually be a self-funding sustainable project in the future.

The recommendations included that Councillors work with the Tiny Home’s Foundation and its partnership with Gosford City Council and use its current housing project as a learning opportunity to create innovative ways to alleviate homelessness in the City.

Council will identify land that could be used for a Tiny Home’s project talking into consideration proximity to services and report back to a future meeting.

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