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Council to Open Tabourie Lake Entrance Tomorrow

Shoalhaven City Council’s Natural Resources and Floodplain Manager has advised that the entrance to Tabourie Lake will be opened mechanically tomorrow in anticipation of further rain.


With the expectation of more rain in the coming days, Council is taking action to mechanically open the entrance to Tabourie Lake tomorrow, Friday 11 April 2014.


Council will send machinery to excavate an entrance opening after receiving clearance from National Parks in relation to threatened shorebird species.


The water level is currently at 1.18mAHD at the Bureau of Meteorology gauge (BOM) and 1.15mAHD at the Manly Hydraulics (MHL) gauge.


The entrance will be opened to prevent minor flooding and low level persistent inundation which causes some amenity issues in the area. However opening the entrance won’t prevent medium to major floods should significant rainfall occur in the catchment.


The public are reminded to stay outside the work area and keep away from the edges of the dug channel and eroding banks following opening as these areas are very unstable and unsafe.


Council staff will continue to monitor the entrance over the coming weeks.



CONTACT:  Natural Resources and Floodplain Manager, Isabelle Ghetti - 4429 3300

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