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Ulladulla Development Control Plan amendment

Shoalhaven City Council adopted an amendment to the Development Control Plan for Ulladulla (DCP 56 Amendment 5) at its Tuesday 22 February Ordinary Meeting.

In adopting the recommendation, it was decided the inclusion of the residential unit living precinct east of Burrill Street be deferred pending further investigations into the area’s economic viability and visual amenity.

The deferment was designed to enable further consideration of any future development controls, such as maximum building height, that should be applied to the area with a report being submitted back to Council on the outcomes.

As part of this planning process, Council has written letters to all residents within the investigation area along with the owners adjoining the precinct boundary seeking further comment and development suggestions.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Paul Green said he was calling on all interested residents to make comment on the affected area saying suggestions should focus on the aims, objectives and land use strategy set out in the adopted Ulladulla DCP.

“Council staff are currently carrying out investigations east of Burrill Street and the medium density zoned sections bounded by Burrill, Wason, South and Did-Dell Streets with the view to aligning height and floor space controls to similar land uses within the DCP,” said Clr Green.

“During this period I’m encouraging all interested residents to view the amended DCP on Council’s website and then make suggestions or comment on the future land use strategies for this section of Ulladulla.”

Submissions will be received by Council up until 5pm Monday 22 August.

After this time, a draft plan for the precinct will be prepared and submitted to Council along with a recommendation to place the document on public exhibition.

All submissions and comments received during the exhibition period will be submitted to Council for consideration and where necessary, changes will be made to any adoption of the plan. The adopted plan for the precinct will then form part of the Ulladulla DCP.

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