The halloran trust planning proposal (PP06)


On 5 August 2014, Council received a Planning Proposal from Allen Price & Scarratts Pty Ltd on behalf of the landowners (The Halloran Trust) to rezone 1681.5ha of land at Culburra Beach, Callala Bay and Currarong (shown in maps below, outlined in red).

The Planning Proposal seeks to zone the land under the Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2014 following Council’s decision on 31 July 2013 to “defer” the zoning of the land until a masterplan or overall approach is prepared and considered.

The Planning Proposal seeks to rezone the land for residential, commercial, industrial, recreation and environmental purposes.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment issued a Gateway determination for the Planning Proposal on 16 November 2015. The Gateway determination requires that 12 studies and a Planning Agreement are completed as part of the detailed Planning Proposal process. In addition, the Department has advised that Council is to zone Long Bow Point environmental protection dependent on the outcomes of the biodiversity offset strategy.  Lake Wollumboola catchment is to be zoned for environmental protection dependent on the outcomes of the biodiversity offset strategy and the water quality studies. The placement of all zones will be subject to the outcome of the detailed studies being completed as part of the process.

At the completion of the studies, Council will then revise the Planning Proposal and prepare a masterplan to reflect the study’s findings, including the development footprint and environmental protection areas, and resubmit to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for further consideration, prior to any public exhibition taking place.

The Department has also set up a Project Control Group (PCG) to help manage the project made up of representatives from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, NSW Office and Environment and Heritage and Shoalhaven City Council.

A copy of all of the Planning Proposal documentation submitted to the Gateway and the resulting information and determination can be found at the Department of Planning & Environment’s LEP tracking system .

Subject land mapping


Culburra Beach

link to large image

Callala Bay / Wollumboola

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PP006 Kinghorne Map

Kinghorne Point

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The planning proposal process and status

The process for Planning Proposals can be long and detailed. The following is a simplified process map of the Planning Proposal process and what stage this proposal is at:

PP006 Planning Proposal Process635942172793691963

As noted above, Council is at the point of “undertaking studies required by the Gateway determination”. This is considered to be a lengthy step in the process as a total of 12 studies plus a supporting Planning Agreement is required to be completed.

In order to efficiently progress the proposal, the studies have been staged accordingly:

  • Stage One – Flora & Fauna (including biodiversity offset strategy); and Water Quality.

  • Determine a development footprint based on the Stage One studies.

  • Stage Two (studies to be undertaken based on the established development footprint) – Geotechnical; Contamination; Flood; Bushfire; Traffic; Economic / Business Impact; Aboriginal Cultural Heritage; Infrastructure Delivery; Community Impact; and Visual Impact.

Council have commenced the process required for the Stage One studies.

The studies will be undertaken by or on behalf of Council as the Relevant Planning Authority with some prepared by the proponent with final review completed by Council.

Most recently, Council requested to add additional land at Callala Bay at Emmett Street to be considered as part of the wider Planning Proposal area.  This was supported by DP&E as the land is identified in the Jervis Bay Settlement Strategy for residential investigation area.  All studies required by the Gateway determination will consider the additional land. 

Further information and feedback

If you would like to sign up to the Project Newsletter, please register your contact details (Name, Email Address) by emailing the below address. Newsletters will be issued at key points in the process.

If you wish to seek further information or provide feedback on The Halloran Trust Planning Proposal, you can do so by contacting Jessica Volkanovski, Planning & Development Services by phone or email. Please quote reference number 49256E in any written correspondence.

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