Mollymook Beach Reserve
Mollymook Beach Reserve Inclusive Play space

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Masterplan - Mollymook Beach Reserve

Council developed a master plan which formed part of the Mollymook Beach Reserve Plan of Management (POM, PDF, 3.9MB) which was adopted by Council February 2006. In line with the master plan , Council staff are working towards the installation of all-inclusive play equipment to replace the existing playground. To assist with provision of the new play equipment Council approached the Touched By Olivia Foundation.

Touched By Olivia was founded in 2006 in memory of Olivia Perkins. The Foundation believes that all children can lead healthier and happier lives, and it is their mission to advocate for an inclusive society, connected by play through Livvi's Place National Network of inclusive playspaces. Touched by Olivia has created a unique model based on partnership by bringing together communities, government and corporate Australia to deliver special places that change the way our society plays. Through extensive research, advocacy and guidelines based on the Universal Design Principles, the Foundation assists communities to create special places that encourage and invite social inclusion through play.

All Inclusive Play Space- Community Consultation

Council and Touched By Olivia have been undertaking community consultation for the Mollymook Beach Reserve Inclusive Play space

So far, Council staff attended the Mollymook Beach Markets on Sunday the 31st May 2015 as part of the community consultation process for developing a Mollymook Beach Reserve Inclusive Play space. The “drop in” consultation market stall was a huge success with many interested members of the community providing input and what they would like to see and use in the place space.

Further community consultation has also occured through discussions with local schools, local businesses and community service providers to inform and gain support for the project.

The draft plans were exhibition from Thursday 28th April to Friday 21st May 2016

Council is encouraging the community to get on board with this great project.

Council has created a brilliant inclusive design, which you can see by clicking here. The cost for Livvi’s Place Mollymook is $650,000 and thanks to the generosity of Shoalhaven City Council we are halfway there. For this important playspace to become a reality, we really need your support.

If you would like to contribute or know someone in the community that could help please have a look out Touched by Olivias sponsorship proposal. There are options to sponsor equipment, or make a donation. Every single dollar helps us to realise this dream for inclusion.

I’d welcome your call to discuss this opportunity in more detail, or please share this with any individual or organisation that might be interested in getting involved. You can stay informed of the progress by joining our local Friends of Livvi’s Place Mollymook group here or visit Touched by Olivia website.

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Map of area
Map of area
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