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Local Government (Council) Elections were held in the Shoalhaven City Council Local Government Area on Saturday, 10 September 2016.

Elections were held for:

  • The election of 12 Councillors ( Four (4) Councillors in each of Wards 1, 2 and 3

  • The election of a Mayor

Election Results

Results of the election can be found at the Vote NSW Virtual Tally Room.

Further details of the Elected Councillors will be posted when confirmed.

What happens if I didn’t vote?

Voting at NSW Local Council elections is compulsory for all enrolled electors. The penalty for failing to vote at is $55.

If an elector is on the roll for a council having an election and they don't vote, they will receive a penalty notice from the NSW Electoral Commission which gives options to:

  • provide a claim that you voted and details of where you voted
  • give a reason in writing for not voting, using the rear of the ‘Apparent Failure to Vote’ notice
  • pay the penalty
  • apply to have the matter heard in court (a court may impose a penalty for an offence of failing to vote of $110 plus court costs).

Further information can be found at votensw.info or by contacting the NSW Electoral Office on 1300 135 736

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