One Handshake at a Time Toolkit


Following are some activities you can do to help make A Place for Me:

•         Go for a walk and greet everyone you pass

•         Actively support local business

•         Volunteer your skills to a local organization

•         Start, or join, a community garden

•         Surprise a new neighbor by making a favourite dish – and include the recipe

•         Stop and help fix someone’s flat tyre

•         Attend P& C meetings

•         Answer surveys when asked

•         Have family dinners and read to your children

•         Join a local Emergency Services group

•         Join a group to clean up a local park or reserve

•         Provide transport to young people who would not otherwise be able to participate in community activities

•         Bake a cake for work colleagues

•         Exercise with others or take walks with friends or family

•         Join a book club discussion group

•         Participate in programs offered at the library

•         Read the local community newspaper thoroughly

•         Hire some local young people for odd jobs around the house

•         Attend local art exhibition openings

•         Organise a street garage sale

•         Offer to watch your neighbour’s place while they are away

•         See if your neighbour wants anything at the shops

•         Share with neighbours any surplus fruit from your fruit trees

•         Thank shop assistants for excellent service

•         Donate unused household items and books to local schools, annual fairs or charities

•         Invite neighbours to a BBQ.

•         Organise a monthly picnic with family and/or friends

•         Take time to know and communicate with young people who live in your street

•         Avoid pigeon holing of young people and generalizing about their behavior, ideas or opinions

•         Encourage the local school to hold a M.A.D. Day Make a Difference Day, where students identify and work on a project they believe would make their community a better place

•         Organise a ‘Walking School Bus’ that encourages young people to walk to school rather than being driven

•         Be a tourist in your own backyard

•         Learn about the Traditional Aboriginal Owners of the lands where you live

•         Give your phone numbers to five people in your street

•         Make it a practice to talk to strangers e.g. at the supermarket checkout, on the bus, in the seat next to you etc

•         Offer a person with a few items to go ahead of you in the shopping queue

•         Instigate random acts of kindness


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