Recycling & Waste Collection Days

Shoalhaven City Council provides a weekly kerbside bin collection service for your red-lid domestic waste bin and a fortnightly collection for your yellow-lid recycling bin.

It is important to put the right items in the right bin.

Kerbside bins are collected throughout the Shoalhaven by SUEZ (Council's contractor).

Find out everything you need to know about your bin collection days.

What day are my bins collected?

To find out your bin collection days, go to the My Area page and enter your address details.

Are bins collected on public holidays?

Bin collection stays the same on public holidays.

During the December and January holidays each year yellow-lid recycling bins are collected weekly instead of fortnightly.

Oops! I missed a bin collection

My bin has gone missing!

Learn more about bins

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste going into our landfills by re-using, reducing and recycling where possible.

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Last updated on 06 July 2020