Garden Waste Collection Service

1. Overview

Garden (green) waste is excess garden vegetation that includes grass clippings, pruned branches, leaves, flowers and weeds.

Garden waste can go in your red-lid bin, but for excess amounts Council offers other disposal options, including:

  • Dropping it off to your nearest Shoalhaven Recycling and Waste Depot
  • Arranging a Green & Bulky Waste Collection pick up service

Your valid Household Waste Disposal Vouchers or Garden (Green) Waste Disposal Vouchers are accepted as payment.

2. How to dispose of garden (green) waste

  1. You can take garden waste to a Shoalhaven Recycling and Waste Depot or
  2. You can use Council’s Green & Bulky Waste Collection Service available to all Shoalhaven residents

Prepare the excess garden (green) waste for collection and leave it just outside your fence or property boundary, not on the footpath and not too close to the road.

Grass clippings and leaves:

  • Can be bagged or boxed and up to 16 kg in weight for collection

Small pruning's:

  • Need to be tied in bundles of up to 1m long, 40 cm diameter, and 16 kg in weight for collection

What is not accepted as garden organics waste:

  • Any building related timber such as treated pine, fence palings and furniture
  • Logs or branches larger than 150mm diameter

3. The cost and payment options

The cost is:

  • $30.00 per cubic metre which is the equivalent of a level 6x4 trailer load

Your payment is made at the time of booking.

Payment options are:

See our Fees & Charges Booklet for more details.

4. Book a Garden (Green) Waste Collection Service

To book a pick up of your garden waste contact:


5. Free! Shredded garden waste (a mulch-like organic soil)

Our Depots turn your garden waste into a mulch-like organic soil and then offer it back to Shoalhaven residents for free! It is a mulch-like soil that may be used in your garden. Keep in mind that the amounts available will depend on how much garden waste we have received into the Depot recently.

Please contact Recycling & Waste Services to check on availability of the shredded garden waste at your local Recycling and Waste Depot.

See our Mulch Disclaimer brochure for more details.

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste going into our landfills by re-using, reducing and recycling responsibly.

Last updated on 03 July 2020