Building Waste


Shoalhaven City Council provides information on safe and responsible ways to handle and dispose of building waste, including asbestos, as well as details about how to save on Depot fees.

Our Recycling and Waste Depots will accept building waste that is not contaminated with hazardous material.

Building waste contributes about half of all solid waste worldwide. Its environmental impact is substantial and can be a risk to your health and safety if not disposed of responsibly.

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste going into our landfills by re-using, reducing and recycling responsibly.

Home renovation building waste

Property owners are responsible for the safe removal and disposal of building waste from renovations or works on their property.

  • Council’s Recycling and Waste Depots will accept all building waste that is not contaminated with hazardous material
  • Council does not provide a pick up service for building waste. Commercial waste contractors provide this service 
  • When transporting waste in a utility tray or open trailer the load must be secure and covered
  • Building waste must never be disposed of in red-lid or yellow-lid bins
  • Illegal dumping is... illegal and attracts hefty fines

While Council will not collect building waste, some items from small renovation projects may be accepted. To get more details visit our Bulky Waste Collection Service page.

Asbestos waste in home renovations

Renovators need to know the precautions to take when doing renovations or repairs on their home.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate material that becomes a health risk when the fibres are released into the air and breathed in.

Asbestos warning!

  • Asbestos can be found in and around homes built before 1987
  • Australians have suffered severe health consequences from asbestos exposure which occurred during home renovations

Our Asbestos Safe Disposal Guide gives you details about:

  • Health risks
  • Handling/transporting asbestos waste safely
  • Disposing of asbestos legally and
  • Illegal dumping fines

How to book the disposal of asbestos

Book the disposal of your asbestos load with:

  • West Nowra Waste Operations Administration Team - (02) 4429 3131 from 08.30AM - 04.30PM

Book the disposal of wrapped and sealed asbestos waste packages with:

  • Ulladulla Asbestos Waste Transfer Bin - (02) 4429 5849 from 08.30AM - 04.30PM

All asbestos disposal bookings for West Nowra & Ulladulla depots must be arranged 24 hours before the disposal time.

Our Asbestos Safe Disposal Guide gives you details about safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

Sort your building waste and save!

How you can save on your waste depot fees:

  • Separate waste to be recycled
  • Some building waste is recyclable and is charged at a lower rate, our Fees & Charges Booklet gives you sort and save details
  • Buy-Back Centres may accept old household items for free if they are in good working condition, including tiles, sinks, doors, gates, fencing and window frames
  • All metal can be taken to our Depots for free recycling

Small business and commercial waste

Council provides a kerbside collection service for small business and retail operators that produce similar waste to household waste.

Our Fees & Charges Booklet gives you sort and save details.

Other business owners must organise their own waste collection service with a commercial operator.

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Last updated on 20 July 2020