WasteLess Wednesday

Welcome to WasteLess Wednesday

Welcome to WasteLess Wednesday: Waste Services regular update on recycling, repurposing and waste avoidance.

Every year 28 million kg of waste is collected from Shoalhaven households and is deposited into our landfill. Unfortunately, a great percentage of that collection could have been recycled or reused.

We want Shoalhaven residents to think twice about what they throw out. Is it really ‘waste’, or is it a resource that could have a second life?

When you start getting into the habit of recycling and repurposing, you will discover how little of your household waste actually needs to go to landfill.

So start today Shoalhaven and make every day of the week a WasteLess Wednesday!

Get Recycling Right. Start here with our comprehensive Yellow Bin Guide or call Waste Services on 4429 3111 to receive a printed copy in the mail.


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Not all Glass can be Recycled  Glass Recycling -  Get The Facts (PDF)   

Take-away (single use) Coffee Cups - Can they be Recycled? - Get the Facts (PDF)  

Soft PlasticsGet the Facts (PDF)  

Metal Recycling Get the Facts (PDF)

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E-Waste Recycling Get The Facts (PDF)

Christmas Wrapping - Get the Facts (PDF)

Food WasteGet the Facts (PDF)




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