Sustainability of Council

Sustainability of Council

What is Council doing about sustainability? 

Council is working to continually improve the sustainability of its operations.  Council's Integrated Strategic Plan has a strong focus on sustainability. Council’s aim is to enhance, manage and maintain Shoalhaven’s distinct and exceptional natural environment by supporting biodiversity, planning for the future impacts of climate change and population expansion and pursuing innovative and ecologically sustainable policies and approaches to development and community living.

Sustainability Action Plan

The Sustainability Action Plan identifies the future direction for a range of sustainability goal areas, adopting the framework of the NSW State Government’s Waste and Sustainability Improvement Payments (WaSIP) Program. WaSIP provides funding for a range of sustainability projects and actions, including annually defined “standards” to be met before payments can be made. This Sustainability Action Plan fulfils one of the WaSIP standards. Importantly, this plan provides a central point for co-ordination of Council’s current and future sustainability programs, ensuring an effective mechanism to prioritise, seek and allocate funding and other resources towards existing and future sustainability initiatives. Each sustainability goal area therefore provides a range of actions that may be directly related to WaSIP and/or to other funding streams.

Many of the project ideas listed are currently unfunded. Inclusion in the Plan gives staff a framework to actively seek external grants. This Plan is effectively a wish list across seven key areas of sustainability:

  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Sustainable purchasing

Within each section is the core “Goal” and “Strategic Directions” relevant to each area, which have a direct relationship to Council’s Integrated Strategic Plan and the Delivery Program and Operational Plan. Overall “Measures” are also provided, generally being based on those indicators identified in the Integrated Strategic Plan.

Energy Savings Action Plan

Energy Savings Action Plan (ESAP), has been in place since 2007 as a result of the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability  requiring these plans for Council's with a population base of greater than 50,000 residents in the Plan.  Energy audits were completed for Council’s top 10 energy consuming sites providing a list of management actions to reduce costs, energy consumption, green house gas emissions and increase management commitment. To view the plan click the link below:

At the end of the ESAP four year cycle which is due to finish in 2011, Council will embark on a new four year cycle of energy savings under the Office of Environment and Heritage’s Waste and Sustainability Improvement Program (WaSIP) energy standard, another State Government initiative. Along with the completion of any outstanding ESAP projects, another 10 high energy using sites will be selected for energy audits and inclusion in the WaSIP program along with a renewed organisational commitment to energy savings.

Energy technical reviews have been completed for the following largest 10 largest energy consuming sites.

  • Burrier Water Pumping Station (29,200 GJ - electricity)
  • Cities Street and Public Lighting Systems (16,500 GJ - electricity)
  • Bay & Basin Leisure Centre (10,600 GJ - LPG & electricity)
  • SCC Main Administration Centre (6,800 GJ - electricity & natural gas)
  • Ulladulla Leisure Centre (6,700 GJ - electricity & LPG)
  • St. Georges Basin Sewerage Treatment Plant (2,900 GJ - electricity)
  • Vincentia Sewerage Treatment Plant (2,900 GJ - electricity)
  • Bomaderry Aquatic Centre - (2,900 GJ - electricity)
  • Bamarang Dam Water Pumping Station (2,500 GJ - electricity)
  • Lake Tabourie Tourist Park (1,700 GJ - electricity & LPG)

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