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Water pollution

Shoalhaven City Council provides advice for many businesses on preventing their activities from polluting stormwater and the local waterways.  There is also information on naturally ocurring situations that appear to be pollution but may not be.

Iron bacteria

What is it?
There are several forms of natural bacteria that grow and multiply in water and use dissolved iron as part of their metabolism.  They oxidise iron into its insoluble ferric state (RUST) and deposit it in the slimy gelatinous material that surrounds their cells. For further information on places where you are most likely to see Iron Bacteria and why is it happening, please click here

Liquid waste and spills

All bulk liquids need to be stored in a way that prevents them from accidentally ending up in our stormwater system and rivers. Environmental Health Officers inspect industrial premises and workshops to provide advice on bunding and containment of any such liquids and check to ensure that no products are entering the stormwater drains other that water.  For more information please click here

Sediment and erosion control

Builders and developers are required to prepare an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan showing how they will minimise soil erosion and trap sediment that may be eroded from a site during the construction of a building.  For further information please click here






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