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Indian Myna Birds

Shoalhaven Residents can play their part in helping to manage the pest animal.

Indian Myna birds breed between August – March and the brown birds have been identified as one of the most invasive animals in the world.

In a nation-wide survey in 2005, the Australian public rated the common Myna as the most significant pest, beating contenders such as the cane toad, European rabbit and feral cat.

During breeding season, Indian Myna birds start evicting native birds out their nesting spots and can potentially have 18 chicks in one year.

Council is encouraging residents to take small steps around their homes to prevent nesting and breeding of the species in the Shoalhaven.

Simple things residents can do:

  • Reduce roosting opportunities around the home. If you notice an Indian Myna bird nesting in the roofs or eaves of your house, block off those holes. Reducing their opportunities for breeding will help reduce their numbers.
  • Avoid feeding all birds as this often encourages Myna birds. Native birds prefer to forage on native flowers and seeds.
  • Ensure Mynas can’t access pet food or other potential food sources.
  • Improve Habitat plant native flora to encourage a reliable source of food for our native birds. Native plants offer better opportunities for small native birds to nest.
  • Log on to and find out how to attract more native wildlife into your backyard.

Several men’s sheds sell myna bird traps. Please refer to the community directory link below to locate a shed near you. Please type Men's Shed in the search bar provided.

Shoalhaven Community Directory

Learn more about the myna birds by accessing websites below:

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Trapping and Euthanasia Guidelines

NSW DPI Standard Operating Procedure - Trapping of Pest Birds

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