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Fox control

Council participates in fox control operations in cooperation with various state and Federal Government agencies (especially NPWS, LPMA and Defence Department), landcare groups and local landowners. Council regularly receives grant funds to assist in these joint programs. The programs are designed to protect the endangered species that live in the Shoalhaven, as well as to reduce the impact of fox damage in agricultural industries. 

Fox Baiting on Council Land, August to December 2017

Shoalhaven Council will be conducting a fox and wild dog baiting program using 1080 poison on multiple sites on Council land during the period from August to December 2017. The baiting is part of a coordinated program with National Parks and Wildlife Service, Livestock Health and Pest Authority and other government agencies, to protect endangered species and livestock from attack. During this period, baits will be laid at multiple sites, including private farmland and bushland, Council water and wastewater treatment sites and Council reserves. All sites are signposted and neighbours notified. Baits will be removed at the conclusion of the baiting program.

All neighbouring landowners who have a baiting site within 1 km of their property boundary will be notified by mail.  All use of the baits complies with the 1080 Pesticide Control Order. Individual sites are signposted with the Warning 1080 Poison signs. At the end the baiting period, all baits will be removed from the site and destroyed.

Fox baiting is part of an integrated program involving Shoalhaven City Council, National Parks and Wildlife Service, landcare groups and landowners. The program is part of a wider program, including trapping and shooting, and is designed to reduce the threat from foxes to endangered species in the Shoalhaven. It has been deployed in these areas over a number of years, and has contributed to the improved survival chances for local populations of endangered species. Additional significant benefits accrue to farmers, landowners with small livestock and the significant populations of Australian mammals, lizards, turtles and birds in this area.

The baiting program has been designed to minimise the risk to non-target species (both domestic and native). Council is seeking your cooperation to protect your and your neighbour’s domestic pets during the baiting period.  All dog owners need to be aware that 1080 poisoning is lethal to dogs in most instances. If you suspect that your pet has consumed a 1080 bait, contact a veterinary surgeon immediately. During the baiting period, you should take additional care of your dogs or dogs visiting your property, and ensure that they are under effective control at all times. 

Report fox activity

Report fox activity through the Feral Scan website. This web-mapping system is hosted by the Invasive Animals CRC and supports regional NRM groups, local Councils, and landholders.

Visit Feral Scan or download the Mobile App from the App Store for iPhone or Google Playstores for Android.

Foxes are not a declared pest, and hence landowners do not have any legal responsibility for controlling foxes on their land.

Email Council to report fox issues
Reports close to endangered species sites are especially valuable and will be followed up during key time periods.

Alternatively, visit the Feral Scan reporting map and report the exact location and time of the sighting on the map.

Home made fox trap

One resident has responded to fox attacks on his poultry with building his own fox trap from recycled materials.

The fox-feral dog trap was constructed from 2 bed frames, reinforcing mesh for the floor & trigger arm and angle iron. This was all sourced from available scrap or the local recycle centre. Total cost for materials was approx $9.00. Plus a couple of hours assembling and welding and, hey presto, a functioning trap.

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