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Is my property affected by flooding?

There are a number of methods available to determine whether a property could be flood affected:

  • Refer to the flood maps and flood reports from the relevant catchment (available from the Shoalhaven flood program status table)
  • For areas where flood information is available, you will be able to request a flood certificate (new window). Please note that a flood certificate is required for all development applications on flood prone land
  • Please note that there are a number of catchments within the Shoalhaven that have not been the subject of a detailed flood study and will not be studied in the near future.  Some of the land within these unstudied catchments may be prone to flooding, however, Council would not have mapped them.  Any land located within 40m of a creek or within 10m of a drainage system, overland flowpath or drainage easement may be subject to flooding.

Further Information

If you require further information about flooding issues please contact the Floodplain Engineer in Planning, Environment & Development Group on 44293237.

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