Shoalhaven Arts Board Offers Grants to COVID-impacted Performing Arts

Published on 20 November 2020


The Shoalhaven Arts Board Grants are now open and have been expanded to include the new ‘Performing Arts COVID Response Grant’ with an investment of $25,000 to support impacted creatives.

The Performing Arts Grant is a one-off grant in the 2020/21 grant round and is one of three grants available to help support local artists with their work and professional development.

Grants of up to $10,000 are available for applications submitted under the theme ‘A Sense of Place’. The grant will cover art forms such as photography, music, dance, new art forms, performance, and literature. It also supports applications for public art pieces which improve community engagement with the arts and enhance the Shoalhaven’s urban environment. 

Arts Practitioners Professional Development Grants, of up to $3,000, are available to support individual artists, arts workers and small groups to enhance their skills and build sustainable careers.

Mayor Amanda Findley was pleased to see the Shoalhaven’s arts community receiving support to help during COVID. 

“I would strongly encourage all artists to consider applying for these grants. The Arts Board Grants help to build the creative profile of the Shoalhaven and this year they are particularly important to enable freelance artists, smaller performing arts companies and community groups to continue to work despite the lack of performance and exhibition opportunities,” said Clr Findley.

Chairman of the Arts Board, Clr John Wells said, “These grants realise the Board's vision towards making the Shoalhaven a recognised outstanding arts destination, as well as a place that connects people, fosters sustainable communities and celebrates Indigenous and contemporary history.”

The grants will help to raise individual artist profiles in the community as well as provide valuable artistic offerings to the Shoalhaven,” Clr Wells said.

Applications for the grants close on Friday, 18 December 2020. For further information and to apply, view the Shoalhaven Arts Board Grants 2020-2021 Get Involved page.