More Improvements for Clifton Park, Sanctuary Point

Published on 13 January 2021

Clifton Park Dog Agility Equipment.JPG

Council has recently completed a number of improvements to Clifton Park and the Dog Off Leash area within Clifton Park, Sanctuary Point.

Mayor Amanda Findley is delighted with the latest embellishments funded by Council that will benefit a range of community members.

“Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed have been a great help with constructing and installing dog agility equipment,” she said.

“Dog owners will also notice the installation of a dog waste bag dispenser and a dog ‘Rehydration Station’ within the dog off leash area,” said Clr Findley.

"The new picnic shelter and wheelchair accessible double BBQ are perfect for families and community groups who are planning to lunch in the beautiful outdoors.”

New directional fingerboard signage outside and within the park will help visitors to locate each attraction. The park has recently undergone an impressive transformation with the installation of a new, inclusive playground which is located close to the learn to ride area.

Image: Sanctuary Point Men’s Shed have constructed and installed dog agility equipment in Sanctuary Point’s Clifton Park dog off leash area.