Election of Deputy Mayor and Assistant Deputy Mayor of Shoalhaven

Published on 23 September 2020

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Shoalhaven Independents Councillor Greg Watson has been elected Deputy Mayor of Shoalhaven and Independent Councillor Patricia White has been elected as Assistant Deputy Mayor of Shoalhaven.  

The Councillors were elected to their respective positions by their Councillor peers at a meeting of Shoalhaven Council held on Tuesday 22 September 2020.  

Clr Watson and Clr White will serve out their roles until the next Local Government election to be held on Saturday 4 September 2021. 

Local Government Elections were originally scheduled for September 2020 but were deferred for 12 months due to COVID-19. 

The deferral automatically extended Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley’s term for another 12 months as she is a popularly elected Mayor who was appointed for the 2016 Council Term. 

The Deputy Mayor or the Assistant Deputy Mayor in his/her absence may exercise any function of the Mayor at the request of the Mayor or if the Mayor is prevented by illness, absence or otherwise from exercising the function or if there is a casual vacancy in the office of the Mayor. 

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