Chip, snip and register your dog

Published on 17 November 2022


Pet owners across the Shoalhaven are being asked to ‘chip, snip and register’ their dogs to keep them safe.

While microchipping, registering, and keeping address details current is a legal requirement, it’s also the best way to ensure that they are returned home promptly if they run away.

“We rely on registration details to return hundreds of lost dogs to their homes as quickly possible every year,” said Rangers Supervisor, Nicholas Kilminster.

“Microchipping and keeping contact details up to date is the most helpful thing an owner can do – and it’s easy. You can keep details current with NSW Pet Registry or contact Council,” said Mr Kilminster.

Dogs need to be microchipped before 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away. Microchipping is available at the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter for $22 and tags can be purchased for $10 to $15 and engraved on the spot.

Stray or uncontrolled dogs can also be a risk to community safety. Where dogs are found to be unregistered, Council will consider action including fines.

Desexing is also encouraged to ensure fewer unwanted and homeless animals and reduce the urge for dogs to roam, impacting both people and our precious wildlife. 

Once desexed, they can be registered for life before they are six months old with a one-off fee at NSW Pet Registry or via Shoalhaven City Council customer experience team. 

For microchipping and tags, contact the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter on 4429 3410 to book a time, seven days a week, between 9am - 4pm.  

For everything else you need to know about dog ownership in the Shoalhaven, visit Council’s website at 

Photo: Shoalhaven Animal Shelter staff with Popeye the rescue dog.


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