Additional Green Waste Vouchers for the Shoalhaven

Published on 26 May 2021


Shoalhaven City Council has introduced two new green waste vouchers to add to the suite of free disposal services available to Shoalhaven residents, along with an increase in waste services charges as part of the Draft Delivery Program Operational Plan and Budget 2021-22.   

“The past couple of years have been extraordinary and Council has committed to helping ensure the community is well-placed to meet these challenges while remaining financially viable. Council has proposed a 7% increase to fees and charges in waste services to meet increasing cost of free services in the Draft Delivery Program Operational Plan and Budget 2021-22,” Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley said. 

Free services always have a hidden cost and the cost to do waste business and support community recovery over the last 18 months has amounted to $5.3 million. Left unaddressed, this will lead to an unacceptable negative financial outcome, one that none of our residents want. 

“Council is proposing the inclusion of two green waste vouchers for the community, two annual household waste vouchers, a weekly Christmas recycling service, mulch, fireweed disposal and our mixed waste drop off such as paint and oils,” Clr Findley said. 

Council is often asked about green bins. Instead of charging every household over $150 per year for green bins, this council has taken a user-pays approach: remember to book a green waste pick up service if you need one.  You can redeem a voucher for this service or pay a nominal service fee, a great plan for busy households who don’t want to go to the waste centres. 

Council is seeking feedback on the Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan and Budget - 2021 / 2022 which includes Council's proposed Fees and Charges by Thursday 27 May. 

To read more about Shoalhaven City’s upcoming major projects and provide your feedback on the plan, please visit the Draft Delivery Program and Operational Plan Get Involved page.  

If you are interested, check out Council’s Waste strategy for the coming years. It makes an interesting and innovative read as Council embraces first in class technology and award winning best practices.

Image: Shoalhaven City Council has introduced two new green waste vouchers for ratepayers.