Sports Grants Program (Capital Works)

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  • StatusOpen
  • ValueUp to $50,000
  • Closing date30 June 2021, 11:59 PM
  • SummaryThe Sports Grants Program encourages sporting groups to partner with Council to deliver capital works projects/improvements to their facilities.

The funding framework allows for design and delivery of new works, or improvements to existing capital fixed assets at sporting facilities on Council managed land.

Who does the policy apply to?

The Sports Grants Program Policy is available to all Shoalhaven based sporting entities that meet the provisions of this policy and wish to undertake design for new works or improvements to existing fixed assets on Council managed land.

Council funding

Council funding for this program is to be reviewed annually during the budget process.

Council’s matching financial contribution for this program is available to eligible Shoalhaven based sporting groups on the basis of $2.00 from Council for each $1.00 contributed by sporting organisations.

Eligible projects will require written endorsement from the relevant sporting peak body and other user groups of the facility.

The program also supports those Shoalhaven based sporting groups who wish to accumulate funds for strategic projects by carrying over Council’s matching contribution to the next financial year. However, funds will only be carried over to match the amount collected by the sporting group for the nominated strategic project(s) which are agreed upon by the Shoalhaven Sports Board.

Capital improvements

Capital improvements to sporting facilities refer to the provision of new, or improvements to, existing capital fixed assets. These improvements typically involve:

  • Lighting of sports fields
  • Design costs for capital projects
  • Improvements to amenity blocks
  • Spectator facilities
  • In-ground drainage and/or irrigation
  • Improved playing surfaces
  • Car park and access road sealing
  • Long cycle refurbishment of tennis courts

This does not include provision of machinery or equipment unless specific additional grant funding rounds are opened. 

Sports group involvement

The nature of this program allows Shoalhaven based sporting groups to determine their level of involvement and their preferred methods of collection of funds to partner Council in the improvement of facilities on Council managed land.

Such methods could include direct levy of participants, fundraising, sponsorship or successful grant applications.

Council’s Sports Management Policy outlines the process and all communication will take place between relevant Sporting Associations or Peak Bodies and Council.

Criteria for prioritisation

  1. Compliance with strategic and other plans of council – 50%
  2. Value of additional in-kind labour to contribute – 15%
  3. Percentage of funding club is contributing – 10%
  4. The apparent “readiness” of the project to proceed – 15%
  5. Benefit to other users of the reserve – 10%

How to apply

  1. Review the Community Infrastructure Guidelines
  2. Review Council's Sports Grants Program (Capital Works) Policy and complete the Nomination Form
  3. Send the completed Nomination form to:

The Chief Executive Officer
Shoalhaven City Council
PO Box 42
Nowra NSW 2541

File Reference: 24899E

Application process and timeline

  • Application received by Shoalhaven City Council
  • Application assessed - team of internal staff
  • Recommendation provided to Sports Board
  • Sports Board determines the successful grant application in line with staff assessment
  • Successful applications informed of Grant in writing
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