NAIDOC Shoalhaven Funday


The Shoalhaven NAIDOC Committee would like to acknowledge the significance of this year’s NAIDOC theme, no matter where you live in our beautiful country, the land we walk, always was, always will be, Aboriginal land. We would like to pay our respects to our Elders, past, present and those emerging who support us and guide us every day.

On Wednesday 8th July 2020 the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Committee met to make an executive decision about the Family Fun Day in our community for 2020. In recent weeks the National NAIDOC Committee set new dates for NAIDOC Week 2020, scheduled to be held in November.

Given the current World Health Crisis, and the impacts that Covid19 has had on a global scale, there have been many things for the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Committee to consider – including the health and safety of guests, contact tracing, gathering restrictions, legal and legislative requirements, social distancing and sanitization, as well as partner organisation shutdowns and potential future outbreaks of Covid19 in our communities. With these considerations in mind:

  • An official decision has been made by the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Committee and the Auspice Agency Cullunghutti Aboriginal Child and Family Centre to cancel the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Family Fun Day 2020 that is held during NAIDOC Week each year – this year, being November 2020

A number of contributing factors lead to the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Committee making this decision, but ensuring the safety of those most vulnerable in our communities was paramount to our decision.

More than 6000 community members attended our event last year, and following the current NSW Public Health Restrictions, along with recommendations from local Police who are tasked with enforcing these restrictions, it is important the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Committee acts in the best interest of our community, both ethically, and legally.

We understand that the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Family Fun Day is a very significant event in our annual calendar, and the decision to cancel was not one made lightly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our project partners, and supporters of the Shoalhaven NAIDOC Family Fun Day. We have continued to grow our NAIDOC events in the Shoalhaven every year, and look forward to celebrating with you all next year.


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