Recycling & Waste Depots COVID-19 Measures

For the safety of our staff and the greater community we wish to remind residents that social distancing and other measures are being applied to avoid potential contact or spread of COVID-19. Please observe signage and staff instructions. 

What to expect and how to help when visiting our Depots 

Unfortunately, there will be delays.

Please follow staff instructions to ensure the health and safety of everyone and to minimise delays.

  • Please arrive and dispose of your waste as quickly as possible (it’s not the place for a chat with someone you know)
  • You must unload your own waste from your car or ute (Staff cannot assist)
  • Children or anyone who is not unloading waste from your vehicle, must stay in your vehicle
  • Please pay by card as cash is no longer accepted
  • Sort your waste before you leave with recyclables in last
    • Recyclable disposal areas are located closest to all our depots entry points
  • Collecting shredded garden organics
    • Due to demand please ensure if you are manually loading shredded garden organics into your ute or trailer, that you are able to complete it in fifteen (15) minutes
    • This will minimise the need to queue other customers at the gate for too long

Depots are big, open spaces. Why do social distancing?

It doesn’t take long for parking areas and drop-off / disposal areas to get crowded.

Council is obligated, just like any other person or organisation, to obey government regulations and social distancing measures must be complied with at all our Depots. This includes limiting the number of customers on site at any one time which will result in delays.

One (1) customer is a low risk but 200 customers in one day heightens the risk of cross infection with our staff and other customers.

Do you need to visit a Depot?

Use Council’s on-call Green and Bulky Waste Collection Service and avoid a trip to our Depots.

You can use your Household Waste Disposal Voucher or Garden (Green) Waste Disposal Voucher as payment for these services.

Keep it safe and clean for our recycling team

The contents of your yellow-lid bin are manually sorted at the recycling facility.

Due to the increased risk surrounding COVID-19 it is extremely important that only household recyclable items are placed in the yellow lid recycling bin. Handwipes, tissues and other used hygiene products, plus food, nappies, pet poo, dead animals etc contaminate recycling and are a potential health risk to facility staff.

Find more information on what can be recycled in your yellow-lid recycling bin here.

Last updated on 22 April 2022